Our Prices

Because we source our screens directly from the manufacturer instead of the distributor, we get charged less to purchase and import screens and other small parts. This means that our customers get a cheaper price too.

We understand what it’s like living in a rural town, so we offer prices to match everyone’s needs.

We have the capability to repair just about any phone, as long as we can find the parts we need to repair it.
We can fix:
-Charging issues
-Battery issues
-Cracked screens
-Water damage (Sometimes!)
-Basically whatever else you can throw at us.

We also stock a range of popular phone cases and screens which fit the most common phones. Unfortunately we don’t have the space to stock a phone case or screen for every model of phone, but if we don’t have the right one for you, we can order it for you.

Note: All repairs come with a minimum of six months warranty – if you’re not satisfied with your repair, or if you think it may be faulty, return it as soon as possible for a warranty assessment and replacement repair.

These prices may be subject to change depending on availability of raw materials to the manufacturer.
For a 100% free, quick and accurate quote, please call our store on (02) 6662 4239. Alternatively, come see us at 135 Barket Street, Casino!

Our price list for Apple repairs is as follows, for Samsung and other models, please phone us or come into the store for a quote as these prices vary.


iPhone 4G/4s $55
iPhone 5C/5G/5s/SE $75
iPhone 6G $95
iPhone 6s $110
iPhone 6 plus $105
iPhone 6s plus $115
iPhone 7G $140
iPhone 7 plus $150
iPhone 8G $165
iPhone 8 plus $180
iPhone X $230 (refurbished) or $290 (high qual OLED)
iPhone Xs $295 (refurbished) or $330 (high qual OLED)
iPhone Xs Max $330
iPhone XR $230
iPhone 11 $350 (this is a LCD not OLED, so VERY poor quality – only for data recovery purposes)
iPhone 11 Pro $450 (this is a LCD not OLED, so VERY poor quality + rarely in stock)
iPhone 11 Pro Max $440 (this is a LCD not OLED, so VERY poor quality + rarely in stock)


iPad Mini 1/2/3 $125
iPad Mini 4 $230
iPad Mini 5 $350 (check availability)
iPad Air 1 $125
iPad Air 2 $280
iPad Air 3 2019 $365 (check availability)
iPad 2/3/4 $125
iPad 9.7’’ 2017 $150
iPad 9.7’’ 2018 $160
iPad Pro 9.7’’ $330
iPad Pro 10.5’’ 2017 $400 (check availability)
iPad 7 – 10.2’’ $190